Children and Young People’s Commissioner’s Special Award

Living Streets Association | 2022 August The Living Streets school holiday program was proudly recognised by the Children and Young people commissioner, Jodie Griffiths-Cook with her special Children's Week ACT award last year. We were finally able to meet in person and celebrate together at the Human Rights Commission. Thanks also to the Living Streets … Continue reading Children and Young People’s Commissioner’s Special Award

How a simple chalk drawing can create the most welcoming street

Often, a few kind words is enough to brighten someone's day, and give them a positive outlook on life. We have many different artists of all ages who like to help decorate the blackboard, and each time, neighbours and passersby will be warmly inspired. Some will walk their dog past the artwork and stop for … Continue reading How a simple chalk drawing can create the most welcoming street

It Takes a Village

Many African countries have proverbs about the shared responsibility of raising children: In Tanzania: “One knee does not bring up a child." The Swahili of East & Central Africa: “One hand does not nurse a child." Uganda: "A child does not grow up only in a single home." While chatting with Uncle M on the … Continue reading It Takes a Village

The Spirit Behind Mary Kitson Park

Watsoners who have been in this suburb long enough will know that many of the parks have gone through wonderful transformations. One of these parks is the Mary Kitson Park in Majura Rise, and it is all thanks to a group of silent contributors who give by example, inspiring many others to also care for the communal space.

Together Apart – Online Youth Meeting to Brainstorm Ways to Bring Warmth During Covid-19 Restrictions

The young people from Living Streets Association held an online meeting in the autumn holidays to discuss issues about how to be healthy and happy during these uncertain times of the pandemic. due to Covid restrictions, they needed to be a little more creative to spread warmth to people.

Autumn Playday 2021

Natalie Walker | April 2021 On the 17th of April Living Street Association ran an Autumn Playday for the children in Watson. It involved activities run by the youth members of Living Street, from games of capture the flag and fort buildings in Justice Robert Hope Park, to a Studio Ghibli Film (Howl’s Moving Castle) at the end of the day.