Kirily Martin | January 2021

Another successful holiday program completed! Thanks to the Living Streets Youth for putting on such an amazing program this year. From cooking, to meditation, we did loads of fun things.

We started off with a morning of “clean up Watson”, where we led the kids around to pick up rubbish, which slowly turned into a competition. No surprise there, a great way to motivate the kids to clean up our beautiful neighbourhood. Patrick then led a lovely plant activity. We gathered cuttings from succulents, recycled old plastic bottles, and planted the succulents in them. We decorated our pots, adding little gratitude notes on them for people we are grateful for. A wonderful idea to teach the little ones about gratitude. Thanks to a great parent Daniel for running a rocket making program for the kids, which they enjoyed thoroughly. The friendly competition to get the highest flying rocket definitely encouraged some kids to go all out with their designs!

Then Catherine, a lovely parent, led a choir, and taught everyone some songs. We learnt What A Wonderful World, and other songs. A great little activity!  We played some games of capture the flag to build team connection; it was loads of fun and helped everyone get their energy out. Ryan and Kirily led a fantastic program which taught kids about food sustainability and taught them to make rice paper rolls. A great activity, and very rewarding as we got lunch straight afterwards. A huge thank you to YWAM for letting us use their facilities for our cooking portion of this program! Sophia then led a beautiful session of meditation, and a huge success that was. Everyone participated and some even fell asleep. A Japanese session was then run by Sachi, which was not only educational but tons of fun and a bird talk by Megan was wonderful! Finally, the kids got to test their rockets!

Overall, such an amazing program, and we are all so grateful to have been part of it!