Living Streets Association | 2022 April

What a fun day out with the community, while learning about the local ecology and participating in the conversations about important community issues!

Bird Talk and educational Games

Thanks so much to Megan Mears for sharing some fun facts about the local bird species we see every day, and how we can look after the environment to give them a healthy habitat to live in. To solidify the information we learned, we had a scavenger hunt to look for the birds hiding in the trees around the block. We also played some active games that tested our ability to identify bird calls, and the ability to run as fast as the younger kids.

Nature Play Arts and crafts

Mildrede and Naia prepared an lovely nature crafts activity that shows how we can use our imaginations to reuse natural materials and create adorable artwork.

Community Consultation

The designers continued their community consultations, displaying models, drawings, and design concepts that were developed with the comments and feedback of the previous consultations a few weeks back. Regenerative community design was the core concept of these designs, and this started some engaging conversations with residents and non-residents of all ages. Stay tuned for the finalised designs!