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“Where do you find the courage to knock on the doors of your neighbours?”

Community Picnic Day

What a fun day out with the community, while learning about the local ecology and participating in the conversations about important community issues!

Section 76 Campaign- Community Consultations

“THIS is how consultation should be run, with clear diagrams, models and information, out on a sunny weekend with lots of the community around, and young people involved in these issues!”

This sentiment was shared by many passers-by who engaged with the Living Streets Youth at the Community Consultations held at Watson shops over 2 weekends of the April school holidays.

Ecology of Section 76

Residents who have lived in Watson for the past decade will know that block 74 (next to Solstice) is where you can stop by and say ‘Hi’ to the cows grazing along the fence, and block 76 (next to YWAM) used to be where you could spot tens of Kangaroos lazing around.

The reflection during lockdown: Welcoming the new world with a whole new self

The epidemic is spreading again, suspending work, classes, and businesses. The lockdown forces us to stop everything, but the earth has still been rotating and the days have not stopped. Time has passed by, but life has not been suspended. The earth is purifying itself in change, are we also reborn along with this transformation?

The Spirit Behind Mary Kitson Park

Watsoners who have been in this suburb long enough will know that many of the parks have gone through wonderful transformations. One of these parks is the Mary Kitson Park in Majura Rise, and it is all thanks to a group of silent contributors who give by example, inspiring many others to also care for the communal space.


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