Children’s Week Youth Ambassadors

Living Streets Association | 2022 October Just a few years ago, Living Streets were the Awardees at the @act_childrens Week ceremony, but this year, we were invited to become their Youth Ambassadors! It was a great honour to host the Children’s Week Launch and Ceremony and have the chance to participate in the behind-the-scenes work. It was … Continue reading Children’s Week Youth Ambassadors

Children and Young People’s Commissioner’s Special Award

Living Streets Association | 2022 August The Living Streets school holiday program was proudly recognised by the Children and Young people commissioner, Jodie Griffiths-Cook with her special Children's Week ACT award last year. We were finally able to meet in person and celebrate together at the Human Rights Commission. Thanks also to the Living Streets … Continue reading Children and Young People’s Commissioner’s Special Award

Spring Street Play Day 2022

“THIS is how consultation should be run, with clear diagrams, models and information, out on a sunny weekend with lots of the community around, and young people involved in these issues!” This sentiment was shared by many passers-by who engaged with the Living Streets Youth at the Community Consultations held at Watson shops over 2 weekends of the April school holidays.

It Takes a Village

Many African countries have proverbs about the shared responsibility of raising children: In Tanzania: “One knee does not bring up a child." The Swahili of East & Central Africa: “One hand does not nurse a child." Uganda: "A child does not grow up only in a single home." While chatting with Uncle M on the … Continue reading It Takes a Village

Creating a Collaborative Chalkboard

For the past few weekends, 3 teenagers on the street have worked together to upgrade the blackboard and repaint the blackboard fence. The 3 three friends are all at the age where they are starting to look for work experience, job opportunities, and ways to make their first income.