Our Program is full of a variety of activities and events, but all of them revolve around our focus of Community Building.

Our program is incredibly diverse, and can range from small street scale activities to neighbourhood-wide events. If you love our concept but don’t know how to implement in your area or where to start, have a read of what we do and be inspired!

Street-level Community Engagement

What kinds of things can we do at a street level to engage with our neighbours and create a culture of community?

Holiday Program

Thanks to the contribution of local parents and young people in designing activities, our Holiday Programs are full of all sorts of exciting fun!

Seasonal Events

School holidays are often when you will find bored children at home all the time. Luckily, many public holidays like Halloween, Xmas, and Easter that can be celebrated together with the community are also during this time!

Youth Meetings

We pride ourselves in our “youth-led community building activities”, and achieve this through our seasonal youth meetings. These youth meetings are where we put our heads together to come up with and plan the details for events like the ones below.

Supporting the Wider Community

Watson is a thriving suburb with a long history of strong community spirit. We have partnered with different local groups for causes that benefit everyone and the young people also get the opportunity to volunteer for the greater community.