Living Streets Association | 2022 August

The Living Streets school holiday program was proudly recognised by the Children and Young people commissioner, Jodie Griffiths-Cook with her special Children’s Week ACT award last year. We were finally able to meet in person and celebrate together at the Human Rights Commission.

Thanks also to the Living Streets Youth team who were amazing leaders in last year’s holiday program; Patrick Jenista, Cathy Lin, Natalie Walker, Jazmyn Michie, Kirily Martin, Olivia Bell, Austin Li, Rhys Newberry, Ryan Jennings, and Nicole Jennings.

Living Streets Youth organised a Summer Holiday Program, Autumn Play Day, and Youth Sports Program during 2021 that allowed a meaningful relationship to be built within their local community.

Through several meetings, Living Streets Youth brainstormed the benefits of staying engaged with the community. They planned the programs and created leaflets to encourage the participation of neighbourhood children and parents. They discussed the important topics that should be shared with younger participants and the skills of effectively interacting with young children.

The young people had very valuable experiences of playing the role of a mentor, teacher, and facilitator to younger participants by engaging with others in a positive, productive, and responsible way. The young participants were able to build hands-on, real-world skills, such as teamwork and communication through fun and educational activities. Most pleasantly, people in the neighbourhood got to know each other because of the school holiday program and became friends.

The various activities organised have given people a sense of belonging in their neighbourhood, so that children can still have a certain level of social interaction on the street to balance the isolated life during the lockdown. Neighbours also support each other when they need someone to walk their dog or shop for them.

Another heartwarming result of the programs was that the young volunteers were able to develop a cohesive bond among themselves and solidify their friendships through mutual support and having lots of fun together.

The youth’s commitment to building a friendly neighbourhood not only connects people but also give people a sense of belonging in their neighbourhood. During an age of uncertainty, a healthy community lifestyle is vital for every suburb to thrive.

2021 Children’s Week- Children and Youth Commissioner’s Award Citation

Watch the summary of the 2021 online award ceremony below!

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