Our Vision is for all people to be able to live in a “Living Street”.

Luckily, it is actually quite easy to allow children to play on the street, adults to chat and share resources, and the elderly to fit in with their community.
Please read through the resources below if you would like some inspiration! We hope you can join us in creating a sense of belonging for all.

Every community has a need, a desire for a ‘third place,’ distinct from home and work. Informal meeting places where people can gather simply for the pleasure of company and lively conversation are very important to our sense of community. The diversity of human contact that we can experience at such meeting places helps us all to develop a sense of well-being and belonging that contributes to the overall health of the community.

Claudia Becker


We have run many events and activities from small street gatherings to big suburb wide Halloween Trick or Treating. Read about all the different types of events, and how they have been run here.


It may seem hard to start your own “Living Streets”, but there are many simple ways to change your surrounding space and streetscapes to create a welcoming, community atmosphere without much effort.


Picture Books, Talks, Videos, and other Organisations have given us inspiration for events we run and ideas we promote, so we would also like to share them with you!