This page is a place for us to share resources that have helped inspired us in our projects, events, and overall aspiration of the association. They cover all the different themes and concepts that we have embraced across everything we do.

Concepts that Living Streets are aiming to practice and share with the community

Videos and Talks

Here are some of the videos and talks that have inspired us in our journey to build community in our neighbourhoods. We have used these videos in our meetings to start the brainstorming process for our events, and to remind us of the reasons we volunteer. Click on the images below to watch the video on their published platform.

Picture Books

Picture books are amazing for conveying important messages, which is why we like to design activities based on these stories during our holiday programs. Each one has a valuable lesson to share, and embodies various core concepts that Living Streets aspire to bring to all streets everywhere! Click on the book covers to see how we have used/ or been inspired by the stories!