Natalie Walker | April 2021

On the 17th of April Living Street Association ran an Autumn Playday for the children in Watson. It involved activities run by the youth members of Living Street, from games of capture the flag and fort buildings in Justice Robert Hope Park, to a Studio Ghibli Film (Howl’s Moving Castle) at the end of the day.

Before the day took place a meeting was conducted to outline the events of the day, it was held on April 5th. The ideas generated during this process helped us develop a plan that could guarantee a successful day with the youth members all inputting ideas. We brainstormed ideas from kite flying and box forts to more detailed ideas such as an amazing race and a talent show. The aim of this meeting was to prepare a proper day with activities to keep a schedule and run a smooth program for the children all around the theme of teamwork. The meeting was enjoyable for everyone attending, advice, jokes, and ideas all were shared with the aim to develop Living Streets and create a day that kids will enjoy and would want to attend.  

The 17th was full of laughter and enjoyment for both volunteers and children attending. It first started with team-building games which included races and competitions. The main aim of this was to increase team interaction and trust with volunteers leading a team each. After we walked to Justice Robert Hope Park and started building tree forts. Both teams worked together to build forts competing against each other to create a fort within a set time limit. Which followed by capture the flag and a movie. The aim of all these activities surrounds the theme of teamwork and connecting with others, an important part of Living Streets is the friendships that are built in the community and the connections it will hold for everyone in Watson.