Our Origin Story

We often hear many people talk about their dream neighbourhood, where they are close to beautiful nature, maybe somewhere small and unknown, but neighbours know each other, and will help each other. However, in the real world, we are moving to the city for the sake of life, the world is urbanized, but people are increasingly isolated. 

The spirit of reciprocity and sharing can be achieved through the work of community building in the modern type of urban residential city. Living Streets Association started its pilot study in 2011. Through ongoing modification on the approaches of engaging with residents and local groups in diverse urban communities, we believe a friendly street is the foundation for a friendly community. Living Streets Association, equipped with a range of effective activities from the street level to the wider community engagement, has successfully contributed to building a friendly neighbourhood in Watson. The design of all our activities is based on the concept of bringing people together.

Thomas W. Nielsen (2016) believes that modern education today lacks “giving” and “volunteering” education, but young people need to learn to “give” to become a complete person. He started encouraging children to do volunteer work (Volunteering week) at all school levels and his advocacy was also recognized by the Australian Department of Education in 2016. Nielsen also points out that children need the opportunity to give on the daily basis (2010). 

“The design of all our activities is based on the concept of bringing people together. “

Living Streets Association believes that children can start to practice this concept of “giving” and volunteering from their own neighbourhood. We enable participation of neighbourhood children and their parents by the means of “Youth-lead” community events. Living Streets Youth, under the umbrella of Living Streets Association, is established for the purpose of encouraging young citizen engagement from the street to the wider community. Through “youth-lead” community events, the experience of connecting with others can be enhanced, and social competence and social responsibility can be developed.

A friendly neighbourhood starts from a street. We look forward to creating more inspiring stories in friendly streets and neighbourhoods of all suburbs in the ACT.