Ryan Jennings  |  June 28 2021 

Just the other day, Cathy and I attended the ACT , youth assembly, run by the Youth Advisory Council (YAC). At the event, there were 4 different forums that students or young adults could attend. These were: The Inclusive society, The Environment, Youth employment and Resilience, Rights and Respectful relationships.

We joined the Inclusive Society Forum and talked about issues revolving around our young society like discrimination, feeling safe, and including others. After we talked about the issues, we proposed these ideas to the YAC that can then be put forward into the parliament to implement these ideas into our everyday lives. Each forum did the same thing and came out with some amazing ideas from the minds of young people.

You guys should’ve come because we got a bunch of cool things in our goodie bags!

Cathy Lin | June 25 2021

Going back to the Youth Assembly the second time was even more rewarding than the first time I attended. This workshop style is such a great way to collect ideas from people of different backgrounds and opinions. We hope to apply these workshop ideas to our future community consultations so that we can effectively collect a holistic view of all the opinions in our neighbourhood.

It was so cool to see how many networks with important government officials, small local NGOs, and friends you can make at a convention like this. Ryan and I met many different people who cared about our society, and we were able to exchange ideas and have wonderful conversations.

Shoutout to Jaz Michie for inviting us to the event, you did a great job hosting your forum!