Living Streets Association | 2022 October

Just a few years ago, Living Streets were the Awardees at the @act_childrens Week ceremony, but this year, we were invited to become their Youth Ambassadors! It was a great honour to host the Children’s Week Launch and Ceremony and have the chance to participate in the behind-the-scenes work. It was also so wonderful to hear about how others have been contributing to the well-being of children and our community. We are so happy that the community work, youth education, and work to bring people together at Living streets is recognised by the Children’s Week Committee. We hope we can continue this relationship with the Children’s Week Committee so that we can have more opportunities for different members of the youth team to become ambassadors in the future.

A special thank you also to our Youth Ambassadors, Cathy and Jazmyn, who are both award winners this year as well as part of the living Streets Association Youth Team. That team has worked in the Watson community for many years now creating community and advocating on their behalf. I’m sure you would all agree that they’ve done a magnificent job today, so lets recognise that!

Vicki Brown- President of ACT Children’s Week at the Launch and Award Ceremony

The two Youth Ambassadors also met with the strong female leaders of our city during the launch and ceremony. They are role models of leadership, humility, and integrity, and our Living Streets representatives are honoured to hear and learn from them at this very special event.

In order of appearance(left to right);

  • The Honourable Margaret Reid AO – the first female President of the Senate
  • Yvette Berry MLA – Minister for Education
  • Rachel Steven Smith – Minister for Families and Community Services
  • Jodie Griffiths-Cook – Public Advocate and Children and Young People Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission
  • Vicki Brown – President of ACT Children’s Week

Read more about ACT Children’s Week at their website;