Promoting Health and Wellbeing in Children and Young People

The Living Streets Summer Holiday Program aims to promote reciprocity and community wellbeing and encourage healthy lifestyles for neighbourhood children during the school holidays. 

The operation of Living Streets Summer Holiday Program relies on the voluntary contributions and participation of community members in the neighbourhood. Neighbourhood parents and community members have different professions and skills, which they contribute to the program accordingly. The themes and activities of the summer holiday program are discussed and decided through the Living Streets youth meetings. We collaborate with important organisations in the neighbourhood who provide community resources, program support, and venues for operating the program. This helps children expand their knowledge of organizations or community groups in the area and to learn to be aware of their relationship between themselves as individuals and the wider community.

Educational opportunities for Children and Young People

Daniel Tempra | January 2021

The Living Streets Summer Holiday Program is organised by youth volunteers giving them ownership of the program and an important sense of responsibility for the outcomes of the program. Through the responsibility of organising, youth volunteers will encounter many learning opportunities such as conducting meetings, listening and discussion skills, and teamwork and cooperation. Young people engage with children, implement their program plans, and lead the activities. They can apply their communication, problem solving as well as coordinating skills throughout the program. After the program, they hold a review meeting to celebrate, and also to reflect upon what they have gained and what they can do differently in the future. By practicing these self-reflections skills, it helps them to strive for exceptional ongoing contributions. Through the planning of the summer holiday program, young people think about how to benefit others and how to make themselves work towards common wellbeing. It is through mutual nourishment and assistance in the program, that a cohesive bond is developed among them, which solidifies their friendship. 

Youth organisers also play the role of mentor, teacher and facilitator to the younger participants which provides valuable learning experiences by engaging with others in a positive, productive, and responsible way. Young participants of the Living Streets Summer Holiday Program are given the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with youth mentors from within their local community. The youth mentors present the participants with a host of fun and educational activities in a familiar and comfortable environment. Through these activities young participants will experience hands on, real world skill building delivered by youth mentors and neighbourhood parents giving participants a diverse range of perspectives, ideas, and methods of teaching.

What kinds of programs have we run before?

As you can see, we have a HUGE range of activities, all thanks to the contributions of creative volunteers who have shared with is their passions and specialties.

Youth-led Activities

  • Street Games
  • Sport
  • Craft
  • Cooking
  • Picture Book Reading
  • Puppet Shows
  • Hut Building


  • Recycled Bottle Rockets
  • Baking
  • Science Experiments
  • Languages like Chinese, Spanish, Japanese
  • Bird Talk Bush Walk
  • Taekwondo
  • Sewing

Themes and Topics

  • Giving
  • Cherishing our Resources
  • Sustainability
  • Discovering Beauty in the Nature around us
  • Birds and Wildlife of Canberra
  • Gratitude
  • Three types of happiness