Why Beautifying Public Spaces ?

When public space is well kept and has a nice atmosphere, people will naturally want to spend more of their time there. While it is your local government’s responsibility to take of the public spaces such as parks, ovals, and shops, locals can also take ownership of the space and add their own touches. Many community spaces thrive the best when everyone contributes a little and help to look after the space.

Read on below about the different ways you can beautify public or semi-public spaces to invite more people to use the space and bring people together. See related stories about this type of placemaking at the bottom of the page.

Gardening in Public spaces

Pretty flowers and trees will brighten up empty grass areas and provide shade for people to play and rest under.

Examples and ideas: Planting flowers, succulents, trees, native plants, etc and watering existing plants during the summer or during droughts, helping to mow the lawn of small parks, trimming overgrown hedges

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Artwork and Decorations

Seeing decorations and cheerfully ornamented spaces can make us feel happy to be there, so this is a really easy way to make people feel that they want to spend more time in communal spaces.

Examples: Blackboards, Chalk art on pavement and road, garden decorations like gnomes and windmills, statues, DIY Crafts like pompoms and tree ornaments,

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Clean and tidy spaces

Everyone likes clean spaces, so it is important to not litter and help to clean up communal spaces. When spaces are always tidy, people will respect that and maintain their tidiness.

Examples and Ideas: picking up rubbish when you go walking, teach children about waste and sustainability, make a game of cleanliness, report old or dysfunctioning public things, help to do maintenance instead of waiting for Government to fix things

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