Living Streets Association | 2020 August

The epidemic is spreading again, suspending work, classes, and businesses. The lockdown forces us to stop everything, but the earth has still been rotating and the days have not stopped. Time has passed by, but life has not been suspended. The earth is purifying itself in change, are we also reborn along with this transformation?

When a lot of people are affected physically and emotionally they start to think about what is really essential to life.

When the lockdown is finished, even when the epidemic comes to an end, are we still the same us? Have we found our inner strength during isolation? Are we elevated and purified, or still stubborn? Have we found the balance between physical and spiritual life? Are we still pursuing spiritual growth during isolation? Have we let go of the contempt, resentment, and opposition in our heart?

Only by showing love can we detoxify and open up a peaceful and prosperous age. We must absolutely believe in the Universe, we must thank scientists for analyzing viruses and developing vaccines day and night, and we must thank medical staff for standing on the front lines to save lives. So many people in society, both nationally and internationally, have joined hands to contribute money and efforts.

Show Mother Nature’s grace and love in daily life, and continue to consider others even in a constrained environment.

Mother Earth is purifying herself in the change, so we must also improve ourselves accordingly and welcome the arrival of the new world with a brand-new self.

Five practices that can help us to renew ourselves:

  1. Be true to yourself
  2. Expand your limit to grow in these current times
  3. Understand that suffering is to strengthen the energy of rebirth
  4. Learn to live in peace with various negative emotions
  5. Look out for one another and bring warmth to each other.