Why Outdoor Furnishing?

After taking a long walk around the block, any chairs in semi-public areas will seem very inviting. Placing furniture outside in front of your house makes the street seem very lively because that means people are relaxing and interacting with each other at the front on a daily basis. If you are comfortable with inviting people onto your semi-private space, neighbours will see that you are welcoming people to share your space.

Read on below about the different types of outdoor furniture that can bring people together. See related stories about this type of placemaking at the bottom of the page.

Tables and seating

Seating encourages people to sit and stay somewhere for longer periods of time to chat with different neighbours and make friends.

Examples and ideas: Benches, deck chairs, lounge chairs, picnic tables, basically any sort of garden chair,

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Temporary Pop up gathering Equipment

If some of these more permanent pieces of furniture are not a viable option for you, temporary furniture that can be put up and put away easily are the perfect option for street parties and gatherings.

Examples: folding tales, picnic chairs, projector and portable screen for street movies, picnic rugs and tents

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In addition to working street lights, you can put up warm lighting outside your house to make people feel a safer atmosphere at night. Putting up light decorations at Christmas can be a really fun activity for everyone, and will light the street with joy and good cheer.

Examples and ideas: Solar Powered lamps along the driveway, fairy lights in your trees, Xmas light decorations

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Outdoor BBQ

As Aussies love their barbecues and outdoor meals, it is even better to eat out the front with our neighbours and have a good time. There are all sorts of occasions when we can have outdoor meals, and they can be very casual, weekend get-togethers, or bigger, celebrational events.

Examples and ideas: Portable Barbecue Stands, Toasting marshmallows and lighting sparklers with Fire pits or Grills,

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