Naia Guiraud

Likes: Rock climbing, books, music, turtles 🙂

During Living Streets events, you can find her: Helping wherever I can!!


What does community mean to you?

For me, a community is a group of people of all ages willing to do the best for their home/neighbourhood/environment and caring for others as one, big family.

I like to volunteer at Living Streets because…

First of all, I like helping others! I think meeting new people is super fun, and learning about different cultures is interesting. Also, I enjoy seeing kids have fun while at events!

Hi ! I’m Naïa, and I’m currently in year 11. I was born in France, but I’m now in Australia since 2 years ago. When I arrived in Watson, I didn’t know anyone at first, but because of the events organized by Living Streets youth, I began to feel part of this community!!