Jodie Li

Likes: Movies, Photography, Plain salt chips, Koalas

During Living Streets events, you can find her: Filming and catching the best moments of living streets events, trying not to crash the drone and also hoping no birds will crash into the drone

I love to see the different perspectives that media can capture when different people create, so if you want to learn some tips about editing videos, filming, or graphic design, I am happy to chat!


What does community mean to you?

I think the community is where everyone will look after each other like a big, warm family. Everyone can share happy experiences together and help each other in difficult times.

I like to volunteer at Living Streets because…

I think Living Streets projects are so meaningful, and when I can help contribute a little to others, the interactions can be so touching. Seeing the community happy at events and doing wonderful things also makes me happy. I am glad that I can be a part of Living streets because I am always learning and can do what I can with my skills to capture memories, help a cause, and tell stories.

Hi, I’m Jodie. I am studying Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning. I also love graphic design and media production. I enjoy peaceful activities like listening to music, watching movies, and reading fantastical stories. I love simple lifestyles and green environments like that of Canberra.