Ian Shih

Likes: Architectural design, interior design, photography, listening to music, watching the sea in a daze, watching beautiful things come true

During Living Streets events, you can find him: Helping with pre-event setting up, event photography, and hoping to try event videography someday

Contact: chien10955@gmail.com

What does community mean to you?

For me, Community is something wonderful. It is a word I commonly came across in my living environment, but it also felt quite strange and distant because I have never known my neighbours.

When I came to Canberra, I saw what community is; a common language of local residents and living happily together, which really moved me. Therefore, for me, the word “community” is not only the literal meaning of people living in the same place, but also implicitly expresses a vision for collective life, and a friendly and interactive lifestyle between people.

I like to volunteer at Living Streets because…

To help others is to help yourself, and to make life feel meaningful

I’m Ian, an architecture graduate from Taiwan. I like to walk around with a camera and record the stories that my eyes see. I don’t exercise very often and I prefer winter to the heat of summer. I am more obsessed with the starry sky at night than the bright sun during the day.