Likes: Giggly children, bubbles, fairy lights, bubble tea, and happy music

You can find her: taking photos nonstop, laughing loudly at the Living Street Team’s antics, decorating the blackboard, or video editing at her desk

I teach Beginner Chinese Classes and tutor high school subjects like Humanities and English


What does community mean to you?

Community is where everyone is actively contributing to create a sense of belonging through human interaction, acts of giving, and sharing of kindness.

I like to volunteer at Living Streets because…

I have always felt an indescribable feeling of happiness during Living Streets events or after interacting with the community. I love hearing how happy people are through their cheerful chatter, giggles and play. It is this feeling that has encouraged me to continue volunteering.

Hello! I’m Cathy and I am one of the Youth Coordinators of Living Streets. I was born in Melbourne but lived the best years of my childhood in Watson, Canberra. I am currently a Marketing Student at ANU, but hope to keep discovering my interests through different activities like volunteering and international exchange. I love the school holidays because that’s when all of us can catch up and plan for the next holiday program.